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Center for Educational and Emerging Technology: Writing Tools

The CEET serves Fontbonne faculty, staff, and students as a hub for the most recent innovations in the fields of educational and emerging technology. This libguide offers literature published within six months of entry or is still highly relevant.

MOOCs for writing

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free and often self-paced courses to help you learn a specific topic or skill.  There are several related to the writing process or for specific types of writing.  See a few resources below:

MOOC list for writing

Chrome Apps/Extensions for Writing

Drafting and Revision Tools

While many students begin drafting their papers by typing, some use voice-assisted technology to begin writing by speaking.  See the resources below:

Windows speech recognition (available on Windows 7 or later)

Natural Reader (reads typed text out loud so you can make adjustments by what you've heard)


Your instructor may require various types of citations for your work in class.  See the tools below for some free ways to generate those citations based on the information you have available.

Noodle Tools Express (MLA, APA, and Chicago Style)

APA formatting Guide (The Owl-Purdue University)

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