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Center for Educational and Emerging Technology: Gamification

The CEET serves Fontbonne faculty, staff, and students as a hub for the most recent innovations in the fields of educational and emerging technology. This libguide offers literature published within six months of entry or is still highly relevant.

Play a game!

Games for Social Change

Emerson Lab:  Emerson College has developed a series of games designed to address global challenges like the spread of disease and surviving natural disasters.

Games for Change:  This organization develops video games for humanitarian efforts.  Results can be filtered by age and category.

Educational Games

Non-profit gaming companies/recommendations

Common Sense Media-game recommendations

History of Gaming in Education

Impact of Gamification on Child Development

Game creation apps

TinyTap allows you to create interactive games from the content you're attempting to study or present.  Intro video here.  

Kahoot is a platform for class-wide gaming that has been extremely popular in recent years.  Intro video here.  

Gaming in Education

See the list of videos below to explore ways game developers and educators are working together to improve student outcomes.

Gaming in the Classroom:

Video games to improve mental health issues:  Some developers are trying to help learning disabilities through games.

Minecraft as an educational tool

edWeb:  Gaming in the classroom:  50 minute webinar incorporates a mix of tools and pedagogy for multiple educational levels.

Games for Social Change (wikipedia article)

Issues in the gaming/tech community:

Gaming industry and women:  One developer shares the difficulty she's had engaging with her male colleagues.  If this is a broad trend, what does that mean for the kinds of games that are developed? 

Video Game Industry Gives Education a Reboot:  Can education be appropriately gamified?  There is hope and skepticism on all sides.  

Is the Educational Games Industry Falling into the Same Trap It Did 20 Years Ago?  This piece addresses concerns about the business strategy for many of our modern educational gaming initiatives.  

Gaming to Re-engage Boys in Learning


7 Ways Games Reward the Brain

Common Games for Education

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