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Center for Educational and Emerging Technology: Sports Management

The CEET serves Fontbonne faculty, staff, and students as a hub for the most recent innovations in the fields of educational and emerging technology. This libguide offers literature published within six months of entry or is still highly relevant.

Training Technology

Apps for training:


Software and other technology:

Beep Test (see video of this tool for run training here)

Augmented Reality

Go Pro Camera ( see it used in soccer match preparation here)

Google Glass (see it used in basketball for enhanced fan experience here)

Rules Management Technology

Hawk Eye (ball tracking technology) See a video of its use in tennis here.

Personal Fitness Tracking

Apps for personal training:

Jefit (workout series)

Stronglifts 5x5:  (workout series)

Noom (cardio training, food tracking, social)

Skimble (workout trainer)

Gain Fitness (personal trainer)

Nike Training Club

Technology and Sports-Talks and Discussions

Eight ways technology has changed sports

Some great online talks about Sports Management and Technology:

Chris Kluwe:  Kluwe:  How augmented technology will change sports and build empathy

David Epstein:  Are athletes really getting better, faster, stronger?

Aimee Mullins:  My 12 pairs of legs

Ben Saunders:  Why bother leaving the house?

Steve Truglia:  Truglia:  A leap from the edge of space

Wolfgang Kessling:  How to air-condition outdoor spaces



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