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Fashion Merchandising: Branding

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What is Fashion Branding?

Branding is personalizing a product to ensure a balance between different economic values. In the fashion industry branding has become the dominant competitive strategy for all successful companies.

The aim of branding is to make a link between the character of an object and its branded image or form.

A brand’s value is the way people end up thinking and feeling about the product to which it is linked. A better understanding of the brand role starts from the right definition of brand and branding. The brand is a name, terms, logo, or design (or a combination of them) that aims at identifying a product or a service from one vendor or manufacturer and differentiate it from competitors.

Branding for many years has been seen as logos and advertisements. But a brand is much more than a name or a logo. A brand is no longer just image projection. Brand strategists declare that brands recall clear relations in a consumer's mind. They talk about brand personality and a long term relationship with the consumer centered on emotional feelings more than on economic transactions.

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