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History: Courses

Use this guide to find books, articles, and reference sources to help you begin exploring and thinking about research in history and related fields.

Career Opportunities in History

A Sample of Related Occupations (some may require advanced degrees / training)

Business Manager
Community Action
Community Relations
Congressional Aide
Consumer Advocate
Economic Development
Federal Investigator
Foreign Service Officer
Government Professional
Historic Preservation Specialist
Historic Site Administrator
Human Resource Specialist
Insurance Agent
International Banker
International Relations
Political Scientist
Public Administrator
Public Policy
Public Relations Specialist
Teacher: High School
Tour Guide
Trade Specialist
More information can be found on the original pdf available through the Department homepage.

Requireed Courses for the Major in History

The following specific general education courses must be chosen to meet the requirements for the History major:

BIO 108 Introduction to Life Science with Lab (3 credits)
PHY 108 Introduction to Physical Science with Lab (3 credits)
COM 102 Public Speaking (3 credits)
PHL 110 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)

Course Requirements for a Major in History

HST 103, HST 104 Introduction to Western Civilization I, II (6 credits)
HST 105, HST 106 Introduction to American History I, II (6 credits)
HST 366 Trends that Shaped the Modern World (3 credits)
HST 496 Capstone Course (3 credits)
HST electives: 15 semester hours selected from 300/400 courses, including at least two courses in American history, at least one course in European history, and at least two courses in non-Western history. One art history course is acceptable for history credit.

Requirements in Social Studies:

GGY 100 Introduction to Geography (3 credits)
GGY 205 Cultural Geography (3 credits)
GOV 230 American National Government (3 credits)
GOV Elective (3 credits)
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
SOC 100 Survey of Sociology (3 credits)
SSC 201 The American Economy (3 credits)
SOC 210 Social Psychology (3 credits)

Courses Required in Other Disciplines

ENG: Two courses (6 credits) in Literature chosen from the following:

ENG 240, ENG 241 Survey of English Literature I, II
ENG 260, ENG 261 Survey of American Literature I, II

PHL 110 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
ART 155 Art Appreciation (3 credits)OR
MUS 108 Music Appreciation (3 credits)OR
PER 101 Theatre Appreciation (3 credits)

Courses Highly Recommended:

ART 160 Art History Survey I (3 credits)
ART 161 Art History Survey II (3 credits)
ENG 240 Survey of English Literature I (3 credits)
ENG 241 Survey of English Literature II (3 credits)
ENG 260 American Literary Tradition to Whitman
ENG 261 American Literary Tradition since Whitman
REL 225 World Religions (3 credits)

Required Courses

History Minor*

  • HST 103 Introduction to Western Civilization I (3 hours)
  • HST 104 Introduction to Western Civilization II (3 hours)
  • HST 105 Introduction to American History I (3 hours)
  • HST 106 Introduction to American History II (3 hours)
  • HST American History elective (3 hours)
  • HST SIX additional hours of non-American history electives

*At least half of the credit hours must be completed at Fontbonne


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