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Center for Educational and Emerging Technology: Social Studies

The CEET serves Fontbonne faculty, staff, and students as a hub for the most recent innovations in the fields of educational and emerging technology. This libguide offers literature published within six months of entry or is still highly relevant.

Teaching the Social Studies with Technology

Edutopia:  How to teach with Technology (Social Studies)

Free Tech for Teachers:  13 Good Resources for Social Studies Teachers

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning:  10 Engaging Digital Education Sites for Teachers

Educational Gaming

Redistricting Game:  This game allows students to re-draw district boundaries based on their party's interests, economic considerations, and legal restrictions.  

Argument Wars: This game by icivics engages students in specific Supreme Court cases by asking them to cite support from previous cases.  Students may pick avatars and otherwise personalize the game.  

iCivics Games:  A series of games related to civic engagement including Bill of Rights, Court Systems, Voting Regulations, and much more.  Highly engaging and dynamic while also standards-driven.

1066:  This strategy game based on the Battle of Hastings combines historical information with graphics more typical of recreational digital games.

See many other gaming options for history at

Social Studies Multimedia

Horrible Histories (this BBC production makes hysterical videos based on facts, but greatly exaggerated for entertainment value)


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