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Center for Educational and Emerging Technology: English Language Acquisition

The CEET serves Fontbonne faculty, staff, and students as a hub for the most recent innovations in the fields of educational and emerging technology. This libguide offers literature published within six months of entry or is still highly relevant.

English Language Acquisition Resources

Below you will find both websites and apps that can be downloaded onto your device to help with learning the English language.  The apps listed here are free, but there are others in the CEET you can use for practice.  Contact Amy Peach ( to schedule a time to review these apps in the center.


              asks questions about the use of a word in a sentence. Great practice for new words.  To see a video of how it works, click here.  This is also available as an app for iOS devices.

SpellingCity is fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging games using any word list. The most popular activities are Spelling TestMeHangMouse, and our vocabulary and phonics games, available to Premium Members

Duolingo allows users to learn a new language through basic tasks and games based on your present skill level.  You can engage with other learners by evaluating their translation of your own language, thus expanding the capability of this tool.  See an introductory video here.  

FluentU  FluentU takes real-world videos, news items, and commercials and turns them into language learning experiences.  There is a free version or you can pay a subscription cost for monthly access to a more dynamic version.

Memrise  This is a crowd-sourcing site in which you can take or create courses with other language learners.  See a video explanation here.

OpenLanguage  This multi-level language tool allows you to customize your learning needs to your specific ability or goals.  Cost:  $30/month


Rosetta Stone

Natural, immersive language learning method.  Demo course is free, but extended services are subscription-based.

Cost:  Free (pro version available 


This language learning app responds to your learning tendencies to provide a personalized experience.

Cost:  Free


This app uses spaced repetition software to remind you of words you've learned shortly before it thinks you will forget them.  This and many other learning techniques can enhance the language experience.

Cost:  $5.99 (Try it in the CEET first)


This app can help customize words to learn ranging from GRE,SAT,subject specific,literature specific etc.

Learn American English

Master 2000+ of the most frequently used words and phrases in the American English language.  Study by level or browse by category.

Rosetta Stone

Natural, immersive language learning method.  Demo course is free, but extended services are subscription-based.


This app designed to improve vocabulary for the SAT exam has a fun gaming format and is consistently rated as a high-quality app.  See a brief introductory video here.

Cost:  $4.99 (Try it in the CEET before you buy)


Learn English Grammar

More than 1000 interactive questions designed to build your English Grammar skills.

Learn Speak English

Provides practice in hearing and saying sounds in English.  

Learn English Audio & Video

Listen to podcasts and watch videos from the British Council with this interactive app.

Cost:  Free to download (each piece of content carries an individual cost)

I Love English

Provides reading and listening practice in a fun environment.

Cost:  Free

VOA English

Reading and listening app for basic English acquisition.

Cost:  Free

English Grammar Pro

For more advanced English learners and native speakers, this app helps you perfect your grammar.

Cost:  Free

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