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Disability (Dedicated Semester 2011)

GOALS of the Semester

Recognizing the contributions of individuals with disabilities

Exploring the historical, legal, and societal aspects of disabilities

Creating an understanding of the social justice implications of respect for individuals with disabilities

Identifying the technological advances that have impacted the lives of individuals with disabilities

Investigating the educational and social services provided to individuals with disabilities


Fontbonne University’s history and mission demonstrate our commitment to value all that is diverse. Focusing on the contributions and potentials of people with diverse abilities reflects the University’s vision. Activities during this dedicated semester serve to recognize progress, to heighten awareness, and to build on the gains attained in the past to empower individuals with disabilities.  

We invite you to join us in thinking about the contributions of Americans with disabilities and in focusing on the experience of disability through various perspectives by enrolling in dedicated semester courses and participating in the co-curricular opportunities this fall.

Colonial Academy's Contribution

At Fontbonne University, we are committed to spreading knowledge and awareness about the challenges and history of those living with disabilities.

As a testament of how far reaching our dedicated semester has become, we would like to thank and acknowledge Mrs. Baranowski and her students - Angela, Keiron, Kenadee, Mike, Landon, and Tom - from Colonial Academy in California.  Mrs. Baranowski’s students discovered our libguide and took it upon themselves to offer their research findings to add to our own resources. 

These additional resources are due to the diligence and caring commitment of the students at Colonial Academy.  We offer them our deep appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and dedication to spreading knowledge and awareness of those living with disabilities. 

Thank you!

What IS a Dedicated Semester?

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The tradition of the Dedicated Semester began in the fall of 2007 with a campus-wide exploration of Judaism. Each fall, the Fontbonne University sponsors a different subject for the semester. With cooperation from schools, divisions, departments, and programs across the university, our campus community explores a new theme. Academic departments contribute courses that are the core curriculum of  the Dedicated Semester, which is also supported by a variety of co-curricular activities and events.

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