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Learn more about our guidelines and policies for acquiring new materials for the collections.

Collection Development Policy

I. Introduction

The purpose of the Collection Development Policy is to support the development and maintenance of the Jack C. Taylor Library collection in accordance with the mission and values of both Fontbonne University and the Library. (See Appendix A, Library Core Documents.)

The library collection includes a wide variety of formats, including books, journals, newspapers, videos, audio CDs, games, and artwork. Library materials include both those physically housed in the library and those purchased or licensed for digital access.

II. Purpose

  • The library collections serve the following purposes:
  • To support the learning and research needs of Fontbonne University students
  • To support the teaching and research needs of Fontbonne University faculty and staff
  • To preserve and make available works reflective of the heritage, mission, and values of the school as a Catholic university sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
  • To promote life-long learning in a diverse and changing world
  • To a limited extent, to provide a diverse collection of recreational and cultural resources for an educated community

III. Principles and Values

Academic Freedom

The librarians, as members of the faculty, are entitled to full academic freedom in the exercise of their duties. “More specifically, the University recognizes that faculty and students are entitled to full freedom of inquiry and expression in their educational pursuits, under the principle of academic freedom. The University therefore affirms the vital importance of free inquiry to its educational mission, endorses the right of its faculty and students to free inquiry and expression, and expects them to exercise these freedoms responsibly.” – Fontbonne University Policy Manual, volume 4 (4.10.1).

Intellectual Freedom

The Jack C. Taylor Library supports the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement. In accordance with the philosophy and objectives of these documents, the Library has a duty to:

  • Provide for the free exchange of ideas and to provide access to a representative selection of materials on all subjects of use or interest to its patrons
  • Make available the widest diversity of views and expressions, including those which are unorthodox or unpopular
  • Oppose and challenge all attempts to restrict access because of frankness of language or controversial approach or because of the political, moral, religious, sexual, social, economic, or scientific views expressed or because of the race or national origin, politics, or religion of the author
  • Preserve the constitutional right to freedom of expression


The Jack C. Taylor Library adheres to the applicable copyright laws of the United States. Therefore, unpublished or copied materials in any form will be added to the collection only when copyright compliance can be verified.

IV. Budget Allocation

The administration of Fontbonne University determines the budget available for library materials. Within that budget, the University Librarian, with the advice and assistance of the Library Advisory Committee, determines the annual subscriptions to remote access databases. The remaining funds are then allocated by department for the purchase of serials, books, and other materials. Library funds will not be used for materials housed outside of the library.

Over half of the non-database budget is reserved for the support of the curriculum. This budget is apportioned among the university departments, based on the credit hour production of the previous year. The credit hours for upper division and graduate level courses are weighted to support the purchase of more scholarly works at those levels. Each department determines the amount of its allocation to be used for serial subscriptions in the annual serials review process, with the remainder to be used for the purchase of books and audiovisual materials. Faculty are encouraged to make their selections as early as possible, so that the material ordered can arrive within the fiscal year cycle.

Three areas of importance to Fontbonne University’s mission are given additional percentages of the library materials budget to support research and skill development beyond actual classroom teaching. These areas are:

  1. The Sisters of St. Joseph Endowed Chair in Catholic Thought. This allocation is added to that of the religion department
  2. The Eardley Family Clinic for Speech, Language and Hearing. This allocation is added to that of the communication disorders department
  3. The Curriculum Resource Center. This allocation is added to that of the education department

The remaining portion of the non-database budget is allocated for general library acquisitions, including reference materials, significant works which lie outside of Fontbonne subject areas, support for the Dedicated Semester or newly forming departments, replacement of worn or lost items, materials focusing on Fontbonne’s mission or the St. Louis region, and materials encouraging literacy or providing recreation.

V. Collection Development Responsibilities

Development and maintenance of the library collection is a responsibility shared by librarians and faculty, with ultimate responsibility resting with the University Librarian.

The librarians act as liaisons to academic departments, consulting with faculty and staff members to obtain purchasing recommendations. All library users are encouraged to submit written suggestions for the purchase of library materials to any member of the library staff.

VI. Selection Guidelines and Priorities

The Jack C. Taylor Library will select those materials that meet the following criteria:

  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of subject collections which support the curricula
  • Present information in the format, treatment, level of difficulty and language that best meets the needs of the University’s students
  • Provide information that is current and authoritative
  • Are available at a cost justified with anticipated use
  • Provide faculty and staff with materials to support professional development and instructional activities

Materials which are not Acquired

Dissertations and theses. Theses produced by Fontbonne students are maintained in the Archives. Dissertations and theses from other institutions are not collected, except through donation.

Approved by Library Advisory Council October 31, 2013

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