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Dedicated Semester: Fontbonne University

We launched the first Dedicated Semester in Fall 2007 with the topic of Judaism and its Cultures. Ten years later, the tradition of the Fontbonne Dedicated Semester is still going strong.

Current Dedicated Semester

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2017: We, Myself and Why? Exploring Identity | Kevin Eiler & Janelle Julian

Ask someone the question, “Who are you?” and you are bound to be met with a quizzical glance. But the question is fair - how much do we know about ourselves? How much do we care to know?

One hundred years ago, Fontbonne College didn’t have an identity, it was an idea waiting to be born. Today, Fontbonne University has forged its identity through the Sisters of St. Joseph while the personalities occupying its campus are constantly in flux. Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and non-believers, Americans and non-Americans have all walked through its doors.

You are more than just a number. You are more than just a face. You are a thumbprint, a unique identity in this ever-changing community. Behind each face is a complex identity, one worth asking the deeper questions:

  • What is the nature of the self?
  • What do gender, race, and class have to do with identity? 
  • Is a corporation a person?
  • How is identity changed, challenged or threatened by emergent technologies?
  • What does it mean to say we are created in God's image? 
  • How is identity cultivated in the population we serve?
  • Is identity avowed or ascribed? How does profession impact identity?
  • How do we negotiate multiple identities?

Upcoming Dedicated Semesters

2018: The Family | Deborah Phelps

Catholic Social Teaching suggests that the family is most important social institution, the basic building block of humanity.  Therefore, the topic of the 2018 Dedicated Semester will be The Family.  We encourage departments and instructors to take a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on topics practical, theoretical, and political related to families.  What is the role of family in education, religious formation, socialization, economic structures, emotional development, and beyond? How do genetics influence our lives? How has the image of the American family changed over time, and what challenges do families of the future face? What is universal about family structure and what is not? What are our familial obligations, to our biological families and to our families of choice? How might our fields define “family”? How can our work help to foster thriving and healthy families?

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What IS a Dedicated Semester?

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The tradition of the Dedicated Semester began in the fall of 2007 with a campus-wide exploration of Judaism. Each fall, the Fontbonne University sponsors a different subject for the semester. With cooperation from schools, divisions, departments, and programs across the university, our campus community explores a new theme. Academic departments contribute courses that are the core curriculum of  the Dedicated Semester, which is also supported by a variety of co-curricular activities and events.

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