Foodology | The Cultural Economics and Science of Food (Dedicated Semester 2012)

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Examines food in relationship to nutrition, world health issues, agriculture, environmental concerns, current events and political decision-making.



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Reference Shelf

Here's a list of print reference sources for nutrition, dietetics and food science located in the Information Commons of the Jack C. Taylor Library at Fontbonne.


Use any combination of the following terms to focus your search for books in the Classic Catalog  (for books, DVDs, MOBIUS, etc.) or any of our Digital Resources.

African American Infants -- Nutrition.                Aging Nutritional aspects

Amino acids in human nutrition             Athletes -Nutrition -Miscellanea.

Diabetes.                                                Diabetes-Diet Therapy-Recipes.         Diabetes-Nutritional Aspects.

Diet,                                                                      Dietetics                                             

 Dietary supplements                              Diet in disease, Diet Therapy.

Fitness.                                                                  Physical fitness

Food ,          Food habits , Food preferences            

 Human behavior Nutritional aspects

Intellect Nutritional aspects                                 Lipids in human nutrition

Minerals in human nutrition                                  Malnutrition

Nutrition. Nutrition -- Analysis.                             Nutrition policy           

Nutrition And Dental Health.                Nutrition Disorders -diet therapy.

Obesity In Adolescence.

Obesity In Children.        Obesity In Children -- Prevention.       

Obesity In Children -- Psychological Aspects.           

Obesity In Children -- Treatment -- United States.

Overweight women         Overweight persons

Pregnancy Nutritional aspects                Proteins in human nutrition

Reducing diets                                          Weight loss

Sports Medicine.                             Surgery Nutritional aspects

Vegetables in human nutrition                           Vitamins in human nutrition

LC Call Numbers

The Fontbonne library uses Library of Congress call numbers to organize its collection. The classification system separates all material into 21 classes, each with its own alphabet letter. These classes are divided into smaller classes, or subclasses, identified by additional letters and numbers.

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