Privacy, Security, & Freedom (Dedicated Semester 2016)

Dedicated Semester Courses

Courses for the 2016 Dedicated Semester:
Privacy, Security, & Freedom

Please note that many of the courses on this list fulfill requirements in majors, as special topics or in a specific area, or as general education courses. For some courses this is indicated by number/letter; for others, students should consult with their advisors during the registration process.

CIS 100-01/02 Computer Studies

Provides an introduction to applications of information technology for non-computer science majors. The course covers general computer knowledge associated with computer history, hardware, software, operating systems, and computer networks. Students learn and/or reinforce skills related to word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and publishing tools as well as to emerging internet-based tools. Social and ethical issues related to technology are considered, such as piracy, viruses, and security issues. Course will include the development of an application project by the student.

CIS 125  Introduction to Cyber Crime and Security

Introduces students to the fields of cyber crime and security. Covers issues associated with different types of threats, attacks, and methods employed against these threats and attacks. Practical cryptography, securities of operating systems, computer networks, database systems, and other types of computer systems will also be introduced.

CIS 225  Information Security Policy Analysis and Implementation

Covers information assurance, cyber security policies, analysis procedures, risk assessments, and implementation of security policies.

SWK 231  Interviewing and Counseling with focus on Safety and Security

An introduction to interviewing and basic counseling techniques and theory. Emphasis on skill development, observation, human interaction, and the art of information gathering. Students will explore the field of professional counseling, enhanced therapeutic communication, and social history assessment.

REL 293  Religion, Freedom, and the State

Special topics.

HST 293 / 494DB  History of the Future:  Technology, Freedom, and Society

Special topics.

HST 307  History of the Middle East

Traces the history of political, economic, religious, and cultural development of the Middle East, emphasizing developments and trends of contemporary importance.

PHL 225DB / 494DB  The Future of Ethics and Technology

This course will undertake a philosophical reflection on ethical challenges arising from various technological developments, including computers, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, as well as movements toward globalization and global climate change.

BIO 108-01/02  Introduction to Life Sciences

Introductory course covering the basic principles of life with an emphasis on the scientific method, characterization of life, organization of living things, energetics, and evolution.

COM 102-01/02  Public Speaking: Speaking about Privacy, Security, and Freedom

Acquaints the student with a sound approach to the preparation and delivery of informative and persuasive speeches. Students will study the fundamentals of organization, outlining, and supporting materials and apply these principles in the planning and delivery of several speeches before the class. Open to all students.

ENG 241-01  Survey of English Literature since 1789: Literature on Privacy, Security, and Freedom

Consideration of important movements, writers, and works from the Romantic Movement to the 20th century.

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What IS a Dedicated Semester?

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The tradition of the Dedicated Semester began in the fall of 2007 with a campus-wide exploration of Judaism. Each fall, the Fontbonne University sponsors a different subject for the semester. With cooperation from schools, divisions, departments, and programs across the university, our campus community explores a new theme. Academic departments contribute courses that are the core curriculum of the Dedicated Semester, which is also supported by a variety of co-curricular activities and events.

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