Privacy, Security, & Freedom (Dedicated Semester 2016)

It's important to being teaching about privacy and freedom early. Here's a list of resouces to get started.

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School Privacy Guides

STUDENTS: Practice digital self-defense and understand school policies

• Never use school-controlled devices for personal communications, including social media.
If you do, be aware that your school might reserve the right to monitor them.
• Always cover webcams when not in use—you can use a post-it note in a pinch.
• Ask your school to disable any location tracking or network monitoring software on your device.
• Ask administrators for the privacy policies for any software your school offers or requires you use.
• Take note of whether the policies allow school officials to keep track of which websites you visit, and if they
allow the school to share your private information with companies.
• Request a copy of your student records, so you can see what personal information school
officials—and potentially private companies—have access to.

PARENTS: Ask school administrators for basic transparency; policy and technology details to look for

• What are the privacy policies for student email, computer, and/or tablet use?
• What software is installed on school-controlled technologies my child uses? Who can access data under what
• Do you have policies about how student information is shared with third parties? Can we opt out of some disclo-

sures? If so, how?
• Does the school have policies about who can see surveillance camera footage and in what
• What is the school’s policy for contacting police to conduct searches or administer discipline?

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