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Brady Shuman | Scholarly Resources

Loki the Alligator. Peace in every loop (with a twist of mischief).

nora charles

Julie Portman | Technical Services + Metadata

The indomitable Miss Nora Charles recommends naps (uninterrupted please). 

albert and bertie

Justin Megahan | Electronic Resources

Albert and Bertie advocate for the power of snuggling.


Justin Megahan | Electronic Resources

The venerable Jeremiah cannot say enough about the value of a good couch (preferably tucked away from the foster kittens).


Rebecca van Kniest | Outreach & Archives

Luki maintains there are few things that can't be borne with a screened porch and a comfortable chair. 


Nancy English | Volunteer Extraordinaire

Haydn does her best to keep her friend Harris in check. Music helps. 


Nancy English | Volunteer Extraordinaire

For Harris (and Haydn), it's all about the company we keep.


Nancy English | Volunteer Extraordinaire

Legend knows a lot about these things. Walk. Sleep. Eat. Repeat. 

Faculty Resources

We are here for you, too! Explore our Faculty Resources pages for info on Course Reserves, research guides, and library services.

Sodality Blog

sodality: reading for change

Don't miss an all-new Sodality this fall. Look for our first podcast feature next week!

Now in its second year, Sodality focuses on all things access in higher ed. Contact us with your ideas for topics and content. 

GriffinShare Digital Commons

griffinshare map

GriffinShare Digital Commons: 2020-2021

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Top 10 Downloads: 2020-2021 



University Archives & Special Collections Bookshelf

Anything of Which a Woman is Capable:  A History of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the U.S. / Mary M. McGlone, CSJ

International Journal of the Dedicated Semester

Hinduism, Happiness, and the Good Life / Swami Nishpapananda

OER Books

Preparing to Teach, Committing to Learn / Susan Lenihan

OER Books

A ‘How-To’ Manual for Doing Standard Statistics in R / Beth Newton

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Diaphragmatic Breathing for Acquired Neurogenic Stuttering / Olivia Brown

Speech-Language Pathology Posters

Social Communication Deficits in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) / Toni Simmons

Speech-Language Pathology Posters

The Effects of Communication Partner Training on People with Aphasia and their Communication Partners / Allie Irene Mueller

Center for Bosnian Studies

Bosnian Studies:  Scholars’ Perspectives on an Emerging Field / Adna Karamehic-Oates, et al. 

EdD Projects

Sense of Belonging in Online Learning Environments / Jennifer Moore

Speech-Language Pathology Posters

Effects of PANS/PANDAS on Communication; a Review of the Literature and Implications for the SLP / Lauren  Miller


Additional statistics are available in the 2020-2021 Annual Report


This summer, Taylor Library received a generous grant from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet to add to our audio and ebook collection on OverDrive. More diverse content, more access options, more joy. 


More diverse content, more access options, more joy. Thank you, CSJs!


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