Identity | We, Myself, & Why (Dedicated Semester 2017)

The 11th Dedicated Semester. Explore some of the questions surrounding our individual and collective identities -- where they come from, how they change, what they mean, and why they matter.

The ELEVENTH Dedicated Semester

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Identity: We, Myself and Why? | Kevin Eiler & Janelle Justin

Who are you? Who are we together? Is your identity your own or do others co-construct it with you? Is your self stable or ever-changing? There are so many questions we can ask about our identities, but one thing we can know for sure is that identity matters. Our identities shape and are shaped by our experiences of the world, they influence the opportunities we have and the struggles we encounter, and they are situated in cultures, histories, belief systems, and power structures. We dedicate the Fall 2017 semester to the broad consideration of identity and identities. We invite you to find yourself, discover the other, and celebrate our identity as the community of Fontbonne University.

Getting Started

These general reference sources are a good place to do background reading or begin your research. For a complete list of databases, see the Digital Resources List.

Subscription resources are available to Fontbonne students, faculty, & staff. Guests are welcome to visit us at the library.

TED Talks: Make Democracy Stronger

More Ted Talks on identity and related topics are being made all the time. Learn more:

TED: Ideas worth spreading

Sayu Bhojwani | Woodrow Wilson Fellow ​and Immigration Scholar

In politics, representation matters -- and that's why we should elect leaders who reflect their country's diversity and embrace its multicultural tapestry. Through her own story of becoming an American citizen, Sayu Bhojwani reveals how her love and dedication to her country turned into a driving force for political change. "We have fought to be here," she says, calling immigrant voices to action. "It's our country, too."

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The Dedicated Semester

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