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Social Work: Find Books

Starting Guide for Social Work Research

LC Call Numbers

The Fontbonne library uses Library of Congress call numbers to organize its collection. The classification system separates all material into 21 classes, each with its own alphabet letter. These classes are divided into smaller classes, or subclasses, identified by additional letters and numbers.

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Browsing by Call Number

Browse the library stacks in the following call number ranges to find books related to social work.

HM 1-1281 

HM 435- 477            History of Sociology
HM 481- 554 Theory. Method. Relation to other subjects
HM 621-656 Culture
HM 661-696 Social Control
HM 701 Social systems
HM 706 Social structure
HM 711-806 Groups and organizations
HM 811-821 Deviant behavior. Social deviance.
HM 826 Social institutions
HM 831-901 Social change
HM 1001-1281

Social psychology

HN 1- 995                              Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HQ 1-2044   The Family. Marriage. Women. 

HS 1-3371     Societies : Secret, Benevolent, etc.

HT 51-1595 Communities. Classes. Races

HV 1-9960                  Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology


Searching the Catalog using Keywords

  • Social determinates of health 
  • Social work and community engagement
  • Social work and technology 
  • Racism and social programs 
  • Ableism and policy 
  • Social isolation and health 
  • Interpersonal violence 
  • Abolition 
  • Guaranteed basic income


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