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The CRAAP Text

The CRAAP Test is a method for evaluating information, especially from websites, using each of the following criteria:

CurrencyHow current is a given piece of information Is important to have the most recent information for your topic?

Relevance — Does this information relate to your topic? Who is the audience for the information?

Accuracy — Is the information correct? Have you compared it to other sites? Is it peer-reviewed?

Authority — Can you identify the author? What are his or her credentials? Is contact information available?

PurposeWhat is the purpose of the site? Is the information biased?

Evaluating Websites

What is a Peer-Reviewed Article?

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A peer reviewed article is an article published in a scholarly journal that is reviewed by scholars and experts to ensure its accuracy and creditability before being published. Due to the vetting process these articles have undergone, peer reviewed articles are recognized as valuable pieces of research and are excellent sources to use in your own research.

You can easily search for peer reviewed articles in Fontbonne library’s databases by selecting the “peer reviewed” option, often found on the side bar.

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