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Did you know you can search multiple EBSCO databases at the same time? Look for the 'Choose Databases' at the top of the page and select from the list that pops up. 



ERIC (Education Research Information Center) is an indispensable resource for education literature and is our best digital resource to use for education research. Access ERIC from the link below, or at anytime from the Digital Resources page on the library's homepage.

ERIC and Research

While using ERIC for research, the following items will help your search process go smoothly.

PEER REVIEW - Limit your results to peer reviewed or scholarly information by selecting "Peer Reviewed Only" under the search box.

DATE PUBLISHED - Because ERIC will return your search results in relevance order, you can limit by publication date after you run your search.

FULL TEXT - Conducting a good search for research means that you should look at all available information.  Use the interlibrary loan link on any record that does not have full text. 

Searching ERIC

Subjects and Keywords

Searching with keywords in ERIC is easy.  Simply separate each term or concept by placing them on their own line in the advanced search, or by combining terms with Boolean Operators (AND/OR). In addition, using words predefined by the database will help you search for everything on a specific subject. Use the thesaurus to locate additional terms. Below are some keywords and subject terms to get your search started.



Educational Methods

Educational Practices

Teaching Methods

Educational Assessment

Curriculum Evaluation

Student Evaluation

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