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Bosnian Studies: Bosnia Memory Project

This research guide supports Bosnian studies at Fontbonne through the exploration of history, language, community, and identity.

@ Fontbonne

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"It is impossible to understand one without understanding the other." 

    Ben Moore, on the relationship between Bosnia and the St. Louis Bosnian community

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Community News

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Bosnian Students at Affton High

For many, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place far removed from life in St. Louis County, and a challenge to even find on a map, but a new class at Affton High School is trying to change that...

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In the News

post dispatch logoMaking St. Louis Home

Twenty years after St. Louis became the center of one of the largest refugee relocation efforts in the nation’s history, Bosnian refugees have remade this [St. Louis] neighborhood at Gravois and Morganford into a thriving business district...

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The Bosnia Memory Project

Civilians flee the riots in Vitez

Civilians flee the riots in Vitez with the assistance of British UN troops during the Yugoslavian Civil War.

From Immigration and Assylum from 1900 to Present.
Image courtesy of CredoReference

The Bosnia Memory Project at Fontbonne University is dedicated to establishing an enduring record of Bosnian genocide survivors, especially those living in metropolitan St. Louis.  Fontbonne faculty, students, and staff collaborate with members of St. Louis' Bosnian community to:  

  • Record interviews of Bosnian genocide survivors and their relatives;
  • Collect books, letters, and photographs that reflect the culture and experiences of Bosnians;
  • Host events that raise awareness about the experiences and identity of St. Louis' Bosnian population; and
  • Develop academic and co-curricular programming that promotes understanding of Bosnia, Bosnians, and Bosnian-Americans

Learn more about the Bosnia Memory Project:

Streaming Video

A multimedia performance featuring Bosnian music and Bosnian voices. Produced collaboratively by the St. Louis Symphony and the Bosnia Memory Project.

March 3, 2015

@ the Library: eBook

Memory and Art

Lives from the Bosnian Genocide 

prijedor cemetery

First exhibited at the Holocost Museum and Learning Center in November 2007, Prijedor tells the story of genocide in the Bosnian city between 1992 and 1995. 

International Exhibit

bosnian born exhibit

"Bosnian Born" made its way to Saint Louis through the collaborative efforts of the Bosnia Memory Project, the International Institute of St. Louis, and the local non-profit Friends of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The multimedia collection features the work of more than 25 leading Bosnian-Herzegovinian artists. Curated by Sejla Holland, the exhibit was on display in Fontbonne's Fine Arts Gallery between 29 May and 30 June 2014. 

Listen to this npr podcast to learn more.

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