Displaying Citations

The results will appear in the Summary setting.  To change, click on the drop down menu by Display Settings.  Here you can change the format for display, items to be displayed per page, and the sorting order.  Summary (text) and Abstract (text) display records in plain text for printing.   

display settings screenshot

Understanding Citation Status

Notice the following things about the status of the citation below.

1.The first line contains the title of the article. Clicking on it will take you to its full bibiliographic record.

2. The second line contains the last name and the first intitial of the author.

3. The third line contains the abbreviated title, year, month, volume, issue and page numbers. Roll the mouse over the abbreviated title to see the complete title.

4. The fourth line contains the PubMed ID number (PMID) unigue to this article. You can search for this article by that number.

5. Also in the fourth line, it is labeled as [PubMed - in process] . This means that it has not yet been indexed with MeSH terms and is not yet included in MEDLINE or considered to be peer-reviewed.

6. If it is labeled as [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] it has been indexed and contains MeSH terms and is part of MEDLINE and considered peer-reviewed.


The results page offers a filter options in the right hand column: Free Full Text and Reviews.

filters in PubMed 

Review articles can be very useful in providing background information for a topic.  The author(s) has searched the literature on a topic and provided an overview of the articles. Free Full Text are articles freely available and many are from PubMed Central.

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