Fontbonne's Full Text in PubMed

This page details how to access full text articles within Fontbonne's collection directly from PubMed.  

PubMed is freely available to anyone, however students, faculty and staff may be able to link to full text that is available through Fontbonne's subscriptions. 

Instructions for Accessing Full Text

To access electronic journal subscriptions directly from PubMed, use the link on this page in combination with the filter listed below.

1. Access PubMed through the following link: 

2. Enter your search terms, and after your search terms, add the following filter:  

 AND loprovmofontlib[filter]

    For example, if you are searching for communication disorders, you would enter the following into the PubMed search box:

communication disorders AND loprovmofontlib[filter]

3. In your search results, click on a title of an article of interest.  This will take you to the abstract.  You will then see a link for Fontbonne on the top right. It will look like this:

Fontbonne logo for full text access

4. Click the Fontbonne logo.  You will then be taken to the outside source for full text.  If available, find the link for a PDF document (some articles will only be available in HTML format).

Off-Campus Access

exclamation point button

If you are off-campus, you can still access full text.  Simply log in with your Fontbonne credentials to proceed when prompted.

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