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Bosnian Studies: Courses

This research guide supports Bosnian studies at Fontbonne through the exploration of history, language, community, and identity.



Please note that courses on this list may fulfill requirements both in majors, as special topics or in a specific area, or as general education courses. For some courses this is indicated by number/letter; for others, students should consult with their advisers.

BON 101  Introduction to Bosnian and Croatian Language and Culture I (3 Credits)

Introduction to the language and culture of Bosnia and Croatia. Emphasis on listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Offered as needed.

BON 102  Introduction to Bosnian and Croatian Language and Culture II (3 Credits)

Intermediate study of the language and culture of Bosnia and Croatia. Development and reinforcement of skills in listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Offered as needed.

ENG 293 / 380  Topics in Literature: Bosnian Literature in Translation (3 Credits)

Introduces students to a wide variety of literature from and about Bosnia, with attention given to the Bosnian war and genocide, which brought about some of the worst human and civil rights abuses in recent history.  By examining novels, short stories, plays, poems, memoirs, and films, students will develop a better awareness of Bosnian culture, of literary responses to the Bosnian genocide, of the cultural impact of the Bosnian diaspora, and of the American Civil Rights Movement as a model for promoting justice in Bosnia.   Topics seen through literary lenses include multiethnicity, war, genocide, gendercide, immigration, acculturation, and diaspora.  The course has special relevance to St. Louis, which has the largest Bosnian population outside of Bosnia. 

HST 494 / ENG 382  The Bosnian Immigration: Narrative, Memory and Culture (3 Credits)

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Teaching Different Perspectives on History:  The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina



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