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Copyright @ Fontbonne University: Course Reserves & Permissions

Questions about Copyright and Fair Use at Fontbonne? Here you can get an overview of the basics and find out where to go to learn more. Also covers public domain, the TEACH Act, peer-to-peer file sharing, and University policy information.

Course Reserves

The Jack C. Taylor Library honors requests from faculty to place course related items on reserve that are in compliance with US Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107).

Print & AV Reserves
Books and audio-visual material can be placed on Reserve for these checkout periods: in-library, overnight, or 7-day. Reserve materials will be removed at the end of each semester.

To place an item on reserve, find the form and details at the bottom of this column.

These items can be accessed by students at the Circulation Desk in Taylor Library.

Electronic Reserves & Persistent (Stable) Links
To avoid copyright issues (and fair use evaluations), you may be able to provide your students with a direct, unchanging (persistent) link to the article you want to use in your class. If we have access to the article through one of our licensed Library databases, you can put a persistent link to the article in Schoology that will take students directly to that article. This method does not require copyright permissions to be secured. Let me know if you need help with this process.

Print copies of articles will not be maintained in the Library's Course Reserves.

Questions or assistance with persistent links can be directed to Jane Theissen, Reference Librarian, or to your Library Liaison.

Obtaining Permission

If you have determined that your use does not constitute a Fair Use and that the TEACH Act does not allow you an exemption, permission from copyright holder will be needed in order to use the work.

Steps to obtain permission to use copyrighted material:

  1. Identify the copyright holder or agent. 
  2. Decide if you are willing to pay a licensing fee/royalty. If so, move to Step 3.
  3. Send written request for permission. Remember to give yourself ample lead time, as the process for obtaining permissions can take months.
  4. File the written permission with other materials for that course.

If the copyright holder can't be located or is unresponsive (or if you are unwilling to pay a license fee), be prepared to use a limited amount that qualifies for fair use, or use alternative material. Lack of response does not constitute permission.

A sample permissions letter can be found in the Appendix of volume II of Fontbonne University's Policy Manual.

Computer Software

Computer software is tangible material and is likely copyright-protected. Fair Use applies to computer software.

Permissible uses of copyright-protected software owned by or licensed to the University or its faculty:

  • Copying it by using it in a computer's memory.
  • Making one backup or archival copy.
  • Selling it, in which case the backup or archival copy must be destroyed.

Prohibited uses of copyrighted software:

  • Making copies for gift or sale.
  • Copying a computer program purchased for use at the University in order to use it at home, unless a site license to that effect has been negotiated.
  • Copying a computer program purchased for use in one department or college for use in another department or college. A site license should be negotiated to allow multiple uses on campus.

Other questions about software use on campus should be directed to IT:

Copyright Questions?

While I can't provide legal advice, I am happy to help answer your copyright questions or point you in the right direction.

Jane Theissen

Reference Librarian / Associate Professor 

Jack C. Taylor Library


Fontbonne Copyright Policy



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