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Find information about library policies directly related to Fontbonne faculty and Staff.

Library Account

Your library account is where you can see what you have checked out, what you have on hold, and where you can renew items. 

The Library sends messages to your Fontbonne e-mail concerning your library account, and will notify you of holds, renewals, and overdue items. 

Checking Out Materials

Faculty and staff can check out library materials, including MOBIUS and Interlibrary Loan items, for four weeks with two four-week renewals. 


If a book that you need for a course is currently checked out, we will recall the book and request its immediate return. We will hold it at the front desk when it is returned and notify you that it is available. Please contact us for details. If you need a book for research or personal use, we will look to MOBIUS or ILL to request it. 

MOBIUS is a consortium of libraries with more than 80 member libraries in Missouri and surrounding states.

Fontbonne University has access to over 29 million items through the combined holdings of these libraries. If books are not available at Fontbonne University but are available in the MOBIUS system, you may request them through the catalog and pick them up within 3-5 business days at the front desk. You may also visit MOBIUS member libraries and check out items on-site using your Fontbonne University ID.

To request books, choose Fontbonne Library from the drop down menu. Enter your Name [first name last name] and your ID plus campus code, which is your Fontbonne University ID number followed by a capital F. MOBIUS books are checked out for 4 weeks with 2 renewals.

Interlibrary Loan

When books, dissertations, or articles are not available in MOBIUS, they may be requested through interlibrary loan. Audiovisual materials are not available through interlibrary loan.

Most interlibrary loan requests can be satisfied through the cooperative OCLC/LVIS network at no cost. If the requested material can only be found outside of that network (including most dissertations) the faculty/staff member will be notified as to the probable cost of the transaction. If the material is still desired at that price, the faculty/staff member may pay for it personally, charge his/her department for it at the department chair's discretion, or charge the cost to the department's allocation for library materials, depending on individual departmental policies.

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