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Guest Policies

Guest Computers

Taylor Library welcomes alumni, campus visitors, and members of the community outside Fontbonne to use library computers when they are not needed by students, faculty, or staff. Printing is not available without a Fontbonne account.

The Microsoft Office suite is no longer being loaded onto individual machines. Guests are encouraged to use free programs (e.g., Google) in place of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

There is a WiFi network available for guest use. Please ask for the password at the front desk.

Revised July 2021

Library Conduct Policies


Visitors to the Library assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the Library’s function as a place for research, study, and educational pursuits.  Misconduct is more extensively described in the Fontbonne Policy Manual ( Prohibited Conduct), but includes:

  1. Disruption or obstruction of research, study, or other educational activities.
  2. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and/or other conduct which threatens or endangers the safety and well-being of any person, including oneself.
  3. Conduct which is disorderly, indecent, a breach of the peace, or unduly boisterous, loud, or violent.

Depending on the level of disruption, a library staff member may request improved behavior, call campus security, and/or call the local police.


Children in the Library must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.  The adult accompanying the child is responsible for the behavior of that child.  If a child behaves in a disruptive fashion the adult must remove the child from the library.

If there are problems

One of the following options may be used to resolve a situation involving excessive noise or questionable behavior.

  1.  If the situation bothers only one other student, the patron who has been disturbed may find it helpful to move to a sound-proofed study room or other quieter location.
  2. If the situation is more generally disruptive, the student(s) may take their activity to a group study room or other separate location.
  3. If the situation involves a child, the parent may choose to do one of the following:
    1. The child may be encouraged to read quietly next to his/her parent.  Books in the Juvenile Collections may be used for this purpose.
    2. If space permits in the Information Commons, the child may be permitted to watch a children’s movie (with headphones) on an adjacent computer.  There are a number of DVDs in the video collection which might be suitable for this purpose.
    3. If the parent prefers more privacy he/she may move with the child to one of the work stations on the lower level or check out a laptop to be used in a private study room.  In the latter case, a flash drive may be needed to permit printing of documents.

If no workable solution can be found and the disruptive behavior continues, those responsible will be required to leave the library. 

Approved by the Library Advisory Committee, October 2016

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