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Library Tours

Library Tours are provided to all classes upon request and can be combined with Library Instruction sessions if desired. Instructors need to attend with their students. At least one week's notice is requested when scheduling tours. Please contact your department's Library Liaison or any Reference Librarian to schedule.

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Circulation Policies for Faculty & Staff

All library materials, including MOBIUS and Interlibrary Loan items, can be checked out for four weeks with two four-week renewals. 

Library materials can be renewed online by clicking here to log into your library account.


Updated May 2019

Holds and Recalls

If someone else is using a book you need, we'll hold it at the front desk when it is returned and notify you that it is available. If a book is checked out when it is needed or a class, we can contact the person who has the book and request its immediate return. Please see a faculty librarian for details about either of these services.

Borrowing from other libraries

MOBIUS is a consortium of libraries with over seventy member libraries in Missouri and surrounding states.

Fontbonne University has access to millions of items through the combined holdings of these libraries. If books are not available at Fontbonne University but are available in the Bridges or MOBIUS system, you may request them through the catalog and pick them up within 3-5 business days at the front desk. You may also visit MOBIUS member libraries and check out items on-site using your Fontbonne University ID.

To request books, select your cluster (Bridges) and enter your username (your last name) and password (your Fontbonne University ID number followed by a capital F). MOBIUS books are checked out for 4 weeks with 2 renewals.

Borrowing outside of MOBIUS

When books, dissertations, or articles are not available in MOBIUS, they may be requested through interlibrary loan. Audiovisual materials are not available through interlibrary loan.

Most interlibrary loan requests can be satisfied through the cooperative OCLC/LVIS network at no cost. If the requested material can only be found outside of that network (including most dissertations) the faculty member will be notified as to the probable cost of the transaction. If the material is still desired at that price, the faculty member may pay for it personally, charge his/her department for it at the department chair's discretion, or charge the cost to the department's allocation for library materials, depending on individual departmental policies.

Course Reserves

Books and audio-visual material can be placed on Reserve for either in-library, overnight, or 7-day periods. Reserve materials will be removed at the end of each semester. Download and attach the Course Reserve Form to your items and send to Mark Glenshaw (mglenshaw@fontbonne.edu) contact the front desk for more information: 314-889-1417.

Articles should be formatted electronically and uploaded into the online course session (following appropriate copyright guidelines). Print copies will not be maintained in the library.

For more information, please visit the Course Reserves page.

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Library Instruction

The Reference Librarians are available to provide instruction to any class, introducing students to information resources and research techniques. Librarians are willing to lead these sessions or, if the faculty member prefers, provide the information to the faculty member for their syllabus.

These sessions can be customized to the needs of the course both in length and in topic. Instructors are required to be present with their students for these sessions. At least one week's notice is requested when scheduling these sessions.

Please contact a Reference Librarian to schedule a session.

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