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Supports the development and maintenance of the Fontbonne University Archives in accordance with the mission and values of both Fontbonne University and the Jack C. Taylor Library.

Policies & Procedures

Collection Development Policy

I. Introduction

The purpose of this Collection Development Policy is to support the development and maintenance of the Fontbonne University Archives in accordance with the mission and values of both Fontbonne University and the Jack C. Taylor Library.  (See Library Core Documents:

The Archives, located in the Jack C. Taylor Library, includes a variety of institutional records in many formats, including unpublished documents, books, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, videos, digital files, and artwork.

II. Purpose & Criteria

The Archives serves as the institutional repository of Fontbonne University for the following purposes:

  • To acquire, preserve, and make available primary source materials that document the history of Fontbonne University.
  • To preserve and make available works that reflect the heritage, mission, and values of the institution as a Catholic university founded and sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.
  • To support the learning, teaching, and/or research needs of Fontbonne University students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as other researchers.

III. Scope

Fontbonne University Archives primarily collects institutional records of Fontbonne University, located in Saint Louis, Missouri, and records of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (including their origin in France and provinces in the United States). 

IV. Responsibilities

Development and maintenance of the Archives is primarily managed by the Archivist, with support from the Technical Services Librarian and the University Librarian, as needed.  The Archivist actively collects records for the Archives from Fontbonne University campus departments and offices.

V. Acquisitions

The Archivist selects materials that contribute to the development and maintenance of archival collections that document the history and support the mission of Fontbonne University. 

Donations and gifts will be retained when their content contributes to the purpose of the Fontbonne University Archives’ collections and are accepted only when the donor places no restrictions on their housing, handling, or disposition.  Storage space, staff time requirements, cataloging and conservation costs, timeliness of the information, and the selection criteria will all be considered before donations are added to the collection.  Only materials that will improve the collection will be added.  If requested, the Library will provide a letter for tax purposes in acknowledgement of donations, but monetary appraisals are solely the responsibility of the donor.  When donating materials to the Archives, the donor must complete a Deed of Gift form, which transfers physical ownership to the Archives (

The administration of Fontbonne University determines the funding for the Library. A small portion of that budget is allocated for the Archives on a case-by-case basis to purchase supplies and materials that enhance the archival collections.

Materials may be transferred into the Archives by Fontbonne University departments or university affiliates.  On rare occasion, materials may be de-accessioned and transferred out of the Archives if the Archivist or University Librarian deems that another repository should own and house the materials.

VI. Removal from the Collection

While it is the Archives’ intent to house historical materials in perpetuity, its collections must be periodically and systematically evaluated.  Any items removed from the Archives will be discarded, shredded, or placed in the Library’s annual book sale.

The following types of materials are subject to removal from the Archives:

  • Materials that no longer meet the collection development criteria.
  • Materials that become unstable in physical nature and pose a health risk, such as those affected by mold, water damage, pests, or other unforeseen conditions.

VII. Access to Collections

The collections in the Archives are not open to the public.  Researchers (both internal and non-affiliates of Fontbonne University) must make an appointment.  They are also required to register and sign a form ( acknowledging that they have read and understand the General Use Policy (  Permission to use the Archives is obtained from the Archivist, who will note the records to be consulted and the purpose of their use.

VIII. Policy Review

This collection development policy will be periodically reviewed and modifications made when appropriate.  

Approved June 2017

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