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Outlines Contents of the Archives, Research Use, Handling Guidelines, Copyright, and official policies for reproductions, publication, and other use.

Policies and Procedures


The records in the Fontbonne University Archives are the property of Fontbonne University.  They record the internal and external development of the university.  Records include, but are not limited to:  documents, correspondence, books, printed materials, serials, blueprints, tapes, photographs, slides, video cassettes, film, etc.  The Fontbonne University Archives reserves the right to change the following policies without prior notice.


  • Permission to use the Archives is obtained from the Archivist who will note the records to be consulted and the purpose for their use.  Many records, because of their fragile or rare nature, must remain in the Archives for use there.
  • Official records are neither “laundered” nor destroyed.  Use of some records may be restricted because of subject matter (e.g. personnel information).
  • No letter, memo, or document written by a living person may be quoted, paraphrased, or used in any way without the consent of the author.
  • The Archivist will do a minimum amount of research to accommodate a researcher who is unable to come to the Archives.  How much research he/she will do on any given project is at the discretion of the Archivist.


  • Records shall be handled with care.  They shall not be traced over or marked on.  The use of sticky notes is prohibited.  No carbon paper, ink or ballpoint pens are permitted for use with archival materials.  Pencils and paper are available.
  • No archival records may be photocopied, photographed, or scanned without permission of the archivist.
  • The Archivist’s permission is required to remove any book, document, manuscript, etc. or other item from the Archives.


  • The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright that may be involved in his/her use of any record preserved in the Fontbonne University Archives.
  • The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel and literary property rights that may be involved in the use of manuscripts and/or other unpublished or archival materials.


  • Reproductions include physical or digital copies of materials, including those which may be taken by the researcher using self-service digital photography.  Reproductions (including photocopying or scanning) will be completed in-house by the Archivist as time permits.
  • There is no self-service copying in the Archives.  Black and white photocopies are available upon request at a cost of .10 cents per page, payable to Fontbonne University by cash or check. 
  • The Archives reserves the right to restrict the copying of entire series of records, of records in fragile physical condition, or of a large portion of materials protected by U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code).
  • Reproductions of materials in the Archives are intended solely for the individual consultation of the researcher, and are the property of the Archives.  Requests by researchers for reproductions constitute an agreement not to reproduce, distribute, or disseminate publicly material subject to copyright, unless permissions to do so are granted (see APPENDIX A).  Reproductions are not to be deposited in any other library or repository.
  • Access to collections in the Archives, including reproductions for research purposes or materials found on the web, does not confer the rights to publish or reproduce them.  Separate written application for permission to publish must be made to the Archivist.


  • Researchers wishing to use items from the Archives for commercial or non-profit reproduction and/or publication in either electronic or paper format must receive explicit permission from the Archives (or copyright holder), and agree to abide by the Conditions and Permission for Publication and Use of Material policy established by the Fontbonne University Archives.
  • The holder of copyright may be the writer or creator, the writer or creator’s heirs or assigns, the writer or creator’s literary executor or other designated legal representative, or Fontbonne University.  Copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) does not allow the Archives to grant permission to publish materials that we do not own.  The researcher assumes full responsibility for identifying the holder of copyright and obtaining permissions.

Printable Policies & Procedures


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